Last year, when I found out there would be an Olive Garden in Clifton Park, I was so excited. Not that it’s a long drive, but I wouldn’t have to go to Wolf Road for the Olive Garden anymore, nor would I have to tell my Son “no” when he asked to go to his favorite restaurant.

Since the Olive Garden opened on Monday, I have been seeing a lot of comments from people expressing how upset they are and how they won’t go there because it’s another chain restaurant. One place I've seen a lot of negative comments is on the "Table Hopping Blog" in the Times Union, I have included a screen shot of a few of them here.

I was shocked by this. I know Clifton Park has many chain restaurants, but it’s the Olive Garden. It’s ALWAYS packed on Wolf Road and there is ALWAYS a wait. So how can this many people be upset?

Not to mention the jobs it brings to our area, not only for the construction but the year round full and part time employees? With only 2 other Olive Gardens in the area I can’t help but think it will draw people to the area from both the northern and southern parts of the Capital Region?

Are you with me and support the Olive Garden? Have you been there yet? Tell me what you think. Leave your comments right at the bottom of this page.