It's one thing to come home to find out that someone had ransacked through your things, it's another when you find out they did it while you thought you were safely asleep.

The Times Union is reporting that a Clifton Park neighborhood was struck over the weekend and the scariest part is, the residents were still inside.

Apparently, burglars cut through screens and stole purses, money, wallets, and more from a number of homes where residents, including children, were inside sleeping. The suspects were wearing "hooded sweatshirts and had bandannas covering their faces." They also broke into a couple of cars as well.

The Times Union says,"neither the State Police nor the office of Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo would provide information about the burglaries" but we do have an idea of what they look like based on at least one security camera. The strange part was that a couple houses even had dogs but none of them alerted their owners to the robberies.

So far, there is no update on the suspects and from their reports, it doesn't seem like anyone was injured, thankfully.

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