New York State Troopers are out in full force with their annual "Buckle Up New York, Click It or Ticket". Police will be checking to make sure all passengers and drivers are fastening their seat belts all month long. According to News 10 ABC, the 21st annual campaign has started and it runs through November 29th. Not only will law enforcement be checking that drivers and passengers are buckled up, but also that kids are in their child safety seats correctly and that back seat passengers are wearing seatbelts as well. The new law for back seat passengers to buckle up when into effect on November 1st.

Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy, President of the NYS Sheriffs’ Association has this to say of the 21st Annual Buckle Up New York, Click It or Ticket Campaign:

The easiest thing you can do to stay safe in a car is also the best way to save lives and reduce injuries in the event of a crash, wearing your seat belt.  Everyone in a vehicle must use a seat belt or be in an appropriate child restraint device.

It has been the mission of the New York State Police for more than thirty years to make sure that seat belts are used properly and always while in a vehicle. There is a dramatic decline in the risk of severe injury or death when seat belts are used when accidents occur. The fact is that seat belts save lives. The Buckle Up New York, Click It Or Ticket initiative will concentrate on making sure all passengers and drivers are always buckled up to save New York lives.

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