A new proposal in the state budget could change the current seat belt law and require everyone in the vehicle to buckle up.Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for a law that would require passengers in the back seat to wear a seat belt at all times. Cuomo's budget proposal would change the current law that only requires back seat passengers to wear seat belts if they are under sixteen years old.

AAA reports that a person in the back seat that doesn't wear a seat belt is three times more likely to be killed in a car accident. Also, they are eight times more likely to be injured in the accident.

The back seat seat belt law is already a law in many states. Governor Cuomo is hoping the law will be approved by the legislature in this year's proposed budget. It will be voted on April 1st.

My sisters and I always buckle up even when we are riding in the back seat. As an adult, do you use your seat belt if you are riding in the back seat?

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