In a world where we've had to remove "under God" from our morning Pledge of Allegiance in schools, this news comes as quite a shock to some in the Capital Region. The question is are we for or against it?

My alma mater, Shenendehowa has decided to put two classrooms aside during Ramadan as prayer rooms for their Muslim students. I remember being on campus and looking around and seeing such a wide variety of ethnicities, it felt like a small city and I can only imagine that over the course of 15+ years that it has grown in population. But if you do this for one group, shouldn't you be accommodating everyone?

The decision to include the special classrooms was made after the Principal of the high school met with the local mosque "in an attempt to improve the school's cultural proficiency."

Some parents feel that Shen has crossed the line while others agree with their decision. What do you think?

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