Big news from the folks at Proctors in Schenectady - they are going to be the new summer home to Cirque Éloize, and they have a five-year commitment. There will be performances for the month of August, which is a perfect compliment to the Saratoga season. Proctors also had some big news regarding their performing arts school too.

In addition to performances, Cirque Éloize will be hosting summer camps at the Proctors School of the Performing Arts for children interested the art of circus performance, as well as  adult classes.

This is great news as the Albany area continues to experience growth. Kudos to Proctors for brining Cirque to the area and impressing them enough that they made it a summer home. At a media event, Proctors gave a preview of the show and it is going to be spectacular - but that wasn't all - they also included a live performance from one of the Cirque performers, Angelica Bongiovonni who performed with the Cyr Wheel. It was a breathtaking preview and it was hard to not leave the theatre with a giddy excitement for this great show to open.

Speaking on the subject of the opening, Proctors in Schenectady will be the North American debut of Cirkopolis, which they promise will be a brand new show.

Proctors CEO Phillip Morris, speaking in a press release sums up today's announcements:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the team of Cirque Éloize,” said Proctors CEO Philip Morris, “This is the largest commitment we have planned for the coming years. With a three week run and more than 60,000 seats available, Schenectady will be the place to be in August. What better way to draw in a new crowd than the commitment to deliver these fresh, enticing performances and camps.”


This is great news for the performing arts, the local economy, and for our area in general. Great job Proctors!

Catch the show August 7th - 24th only at Proctors!