Do you love impressions? Me too. I guess we're not alone. Apparently 6,399,761 other people like them too.  

That's how many people viewed this clip from a very recent Tonite Show episode with Jimmy Fallon.  His guest was Christina Aguilera.   Let me say upfront I'm really really glad that she's worked out any of her past "issues".  She is so amazingly talented, and definitely has met her match with Jimmy and his spot on impressions.  You have to see

Fantastic, huh?  I could watch that all day.  In fact, I would if I had time.  Who  do you think is the best impressionist you ever heard?  Honestly?  I think Fallon ranks right up there, don't you?  I loved the late, great Robin Williams of course.  Darrell Hammond of SNL is amazing, and so is Dana Carvey.  There are so many.  Not too many female ones though, come to think of it.

Who's YOUR favorite?


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