I have always loved good impressions, I know how hard it is to do them. The one place that is famous for great impersonations has always been Saturday Night Live. Over the years there have been some good ones, this year one of the most popular is Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Ellen.

The only thing that is better than a really good impression is seeing it done right in front of the actual person. I still remember George H.W. Bush commenting to Dana Carvey that he just didn't think his famous take on the President was that good. Of course it was histories most famous.

So yesterday, Kete McKinnon was a guest on Ellen. You would hope that they would at least watch a few sketches from SNL and comment but of course you hoped that Kate would pull out the impression right there in front of Ellen. Ellen being a great sport, and clearly a fan of Kate's took the whole thing one step further.

Check out the "Dueling Ellens" on the "Ellen" Show.



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