We all know by now that the Mega Millions jackpot is $1.6 billion tonight. I asked my seven year old to help me pick the numbers with a Halloween flare. Then after we picked the numbers, we sat down to talk about how he would spend it. Ryan wanted to try on his Halloween costume (he's going as a bat) and we decided to turn it into a game to pick the numbers for the Mega Millions. We have a ton of candy in the house and we numbered a group 1-70 to represent the first group of numbers and then we numbered another group 1-25 to represent the Megaball. Here's how our drawing went.

ryan halloween picks

After the drawing, I sat down to chat with Ryan about how he would spend all of that money if he won. He wanted to buy stuff for himself but he also included me, his mom, and even Jess and Brian. Here's what he said.

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