My son Ryan is on a fall baseball team and it is so much fun to watch his team play. This past Sunday was his last doubleheader of the fall season. I didn't let up, though. I was just as loud and obnoxious. I also added a Halloween twist to my cheering. Ryan has been on this baseball team for two full seasons so I am familiar with each kid and their nicknames. Actually some of the kids' nicknames I have given to them. When I cheer it is always loud but positive. This week because it's Halloween, I added a little bit of spooky flair to my cheering.

Each week I mic myself up and record when I shout and cheer for Ryan and his teammates. We call it the "Big League Chooch". Take a listen to this week's Halloween edition of the "Chooch". You will hear everything Halloween from "Jack the Ripper" to "Slice it, Jason".  Plus some of the classic cheering that is super loud and obnoxious.

During the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn't able to root Ryan on at any sporting events because there weren't any. I did get creative, however, cheering Ryan on when he was blowing out his birthday candles, playing hours of Fortnite, walking the dog, and other activities.

These were the last baseball games of the fall season, but in a few weeks, Ryan will be playing indoor ball and the Big League Chooch will return with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning. She always remains positive but her cheering most of the time comes across as loud and obnoxious.

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