Every once in a while, fans do something stupid that makes an artist stop what they are doing, sometimes in the middle of a song, to take control of the situation. Honestly, no one finds these moments funny, especially the artist. Yet, there are times when you just gotta do what you gotta do. This happened to Chris Young at his concert in Glens Falls Friday night.

Apparently, in the midst of everyone enjoying what was a great show, a couple of guys got into a fight just off stage. Chris stopped what he was doing and told the guys, "Cut it out fellas, there’s kids in here. I don’t care who started it. Both of you quit."

The guys, at that point, were separated and Chris, always one to want EVERYONE to have a good time, added that he didn't even want the guys thrown out as long as they stayed away from each other, adding, "Let's all just drink beer and have a good time, alright?"

My kind of guy.

The best part of it is that my very own niece and Chris Young maniac was there and caught it all on video for the world to see. So thank you very much, Katie Tortorello, WGNA'S very own "listener reporter," for getting this story!



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