Does the name "Kapostasy" ring a bell?  It does if you have lived in our area for awhile, it certainly does  Well, she has gotten a great promotion at NBC.  She's going to DC!

No, this is not a photoshopped picture.   I bumped into Chris  "Kapostacy" Jansing years ago at a New York State Broadcasters Convention.  Chris, for the uninitiated, was the former news anchor here at News Channel 13 for years.  I always kept this shot, because I had a strong feeling even back then that she was going places.

photo by Richie Phillips

Well, she's going places alright! According to the,

Chris Jansing was named the Senior White House Correspondent for NBC News...


It goes on to say that she has been with NBC since 1998, so I guess that's when this photo was taken, come to think of it.

In fact, digging into the archives, I found something I want to play for you.   When she announced back then that she had secured the  job at the network, I wrote her a farewell song and sang it to her on the air.   Here it is..

So best of luck, Chris!  (I'm sure the next shot you will see will be Barack standing next to her, which will be a hell of a lot more impressive for you! )

And we knew her when……….WOW!!


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