I have to be honest with you, I don't know much about this guy, Robert Morrow but I can tell you he makes me sick to my stomach. As I understand it he is a conservative author who has made it his goal to make sure that Hillary does not get elected President. Listen, I get not liking the Clinton family and even campaigning against Hillary but what this guy does on this video is disgusting and I almost hate the idea of sharing it.

I really don't think that attention should be brought to a guy like this, and I certainly thought twice about sharing the video as I know that it is just what the guy wants but I think it goes a long way towards teaching people especially kids how showing class, even in the face of a terrible attack can truly be inspiring.

I know that Chelsea is a grown woman now and certainly can handle he own in most situations but if anyone went to my kids and asked them if I were their real father and if they thought that I "targeted teenage girls.. for sexual reasons" I would be off the wall angry. If my kids handled the loser the way Chelsea does with class and dignity , I would just be proud.