Maureen Hancock never ceases to amaze us when she comes on the show. Today was no exception. When we first spoke to her she was a little hesitant because she had done a live show last night and thought that because she was tired it might be harder for her to get messages or to at least be clear about what she was getting. This proved to not be the case at all.
She started with wanting to maybe only do a couple of readings with our listeners but of course once she got going she couldn't seem to stop all the energy. While the fisrt call seemed to sort of start a bit slow it doesn't take Maureen long to make you think, "How in the world did she just come up with that?".

Remember as you listen to the segment from the Sean , Richie And Bethany Show Today that Maureen will be here in the Capital District Live this May 15th, at The Egg. You can get your ticket information right here on our WGNA website.

Here is another chance for you to hear Maureen's segment from the show this morning.