My sister turned 50 and we wanted to get her something awesome so we bought her a llama. Let me explain. All my sister, Nancy, wanted for her birthday was a dog but we all agreed that it would be too much to take care of. So we got her the next best thing.

There is an amazing llama farm in Ballston Spa called Dakota Ridge Farm. The people who run it are wonderful. They have 62 llamas on the farm. When I saw a news story on News 10 ABC, I knew this is what we needed to get my sister.

There were sponsorships available but while looking for a llama to sponsor we came across Kewl Hand Luke. He was for sale and he happened to have the same birthday as my sister. It was meant to be. Nancy now owns Luke and he lives at Dakota Ridge Farm. They take care of him as he lives there and Nancy can come and visit any time. She can take him for walks along their many trails, brush him, feed him, and give him lots of hugs and love. This is the best birthday gift ever. She is now a llama mama.

Check out the Llama we Got My Sister For Her 50th Birthday

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