One of the up-and-coming artists we met on our trip to Nashville last week was Mo Pitney. I have already begun to consider him a favorite. While he is a very young man, he is a student and lover of the classic artists like Haggard and Whitley, and even Roger Miller.

After we got home, I found myself searching for more of his music and have come across some amazing original songs, including "Clean Up On Aisle 5" and my current favorite, "Just a Dog."

If you have ever loved a dog, you will absolutely love this song, but with any truly great song you don't have to ever have even had a dog to appreciate the mastery of the lyrics. Check it out and let me know what you think.

When we were done interviewing him, he even grabbed his guitar and gave us a little Roger Miller and he was awesome! If you missed the interview here is a chance to hear it again.

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