If you've ever wanted to buy a Kindle eReader, now is the time.  Also, here's a way to tell whether you're kid is addicted to the dreaded iPad plus more

According to Politico.com the FAA now says you can leave your favorite devices on before and during takeoff and landing on JetBlue and Delta flights.  Others will follow, and Amazon.com wants to celebrate.  They are doing this by letting you have a 15% discount on new Kindles, according to ABC News.com.  You could actually get into a Kindle for as low as $59.00.  Amazing deal.  Get reading, America!

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A new report from ABC news states that there has been a significant dropoff in teen usage in the last quarter.  Are they coming to their senses and not staring at their phones any more?  I don't think so!

According to the article, here's where they might be going:

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According to the article they have an estimated 150 million active users. However, fear not, Facebook.  It all goes into the same bank account, because Facebook owns them.

Other places teens may be going? Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Pheed, AskFM and Twitter.  Wow I guess it's not just old media that has competition these days .

  Is Someone you Know Addicted to the iPad?  Here are some signs

According to CNET.com, there are 5 tell-tale signs that you should watch for to tell if there is addiction going on here with your child (or maybe husband or wife).  Here are a couple.

!. Lack of interest in anything else (duhhh -how obvious is that?

2. A need to always talk about technology

3. Mood swings

( I think I need a therapist!)  You can read the CNET.com article for the full list.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to Words With Friends.