Country star Chase Rice thought that he'd be able to use ABC's The Bachelor as a way to promote some music and help his brand.  What he didn't realize was that he was being set-up by producers to provide a high tension, dramatic moment on the reality show watched by millions each week religiously.  In an interview with Brian and Chrissy that was taped in mid-November, Chase talked about how he would never do another 'reality show again' after he was blindsided by the show.  Hear all of what Chase Rice had to say right here.


On an episode to be aired on Monday night, Rice innocently performs his music during a private 'date night' between Peter (The Bachelor) and one of his many suitors, Victoria F.  Chase told GNA that he was asked to appear on the show and he graciously accepted thinking that it would boost music sales, something many artists do.  What he didn't expect, however, was to be part of a Bachelor sucker-punch.

It turns out that Chase and Victoria F. knew one another, briefly dating long before Victoria became a contestant on the show.  Chase explained to Brian and Chrissy that he felt ambushed by creators of the show, and was pissed off to find out that were only using his musical performance as a way to add drama to Peter and Victoria's date when she becomes emotional over seeing him, wanting to 'talk' as she turned into a crying wreck.  Chase was annoyed having to diffuse a situation that he wanted no part of.  According to Rice, there's no love lost between him and the producers of the show which is why he was so willing to spoil the plot twist months before the show aired saying, "They don't have me by the balls" he told the GNA morning show, "When you screw me over like that I'ma tell the truth!"

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