No, I don't mean he has signed with the football team in Dallas. The man formerly known as Chad Johnson is going to be riding a bull at a PBR event tonight (5/14) in Duluth, Georgia.

Ochocinco will earn $10,000 if he rides a bull. If he can stay aboard for the required eight seconds, the PBR will give Ochocinco a new Ford F-150, as well as allow him to rename the bull.

With the NFL in a lockout the Bengals wide receiver has been trying his hand at other sports. He recently tried  out with the Kansas City Major Leauge Soccer team.

Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I am not the biggest fan of Mr. Ochocinco but I will say he is an incredible athlete. But he has to be very careful trying this stunt, I have a very good friend who was a bull rider and was stomped in the face by a bull, needless to say he doesn't ride bulls anymore.  I can only imagine what the folks in Cincinnati are thinking about this!!

Update: Chad lasted only 1.5 seconds on the Bull, so no new truck and he wasn't able to rename the bull.  I think our own Jeff Levack lasted longer on a bull at the Double M Rodeo. I will have to find the video to confirm that!