Something you don't necessarily see everyday... or every year for that matter, so why not make it an extra special occasion?

Total Lunar Eclipse Over South Korea
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A TOTAL lunar eclipse is set to take place next Saturday, May 15, meaning the earth's shadow will block the sun, causing the moon to look red. It's sometimes called the 'Blood Moon'.

Total Lunar Eclipse Over Indonesia
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This is a cosmic event that happens about once every two and a half years. The partial eclipse will begin the night of May 15 at approximately 10:28pm, achieving totality at at 12:11am on May 16. The moon will remain partially dark until 1:55am.

Grafton Lakes State Park will be holding a Lunar Eclipse Party to mark the event the night of May 15. They're partnering with the Albany Area Amateur Astronomers and will be on hand to talk about the science of the eclipse and will also provide telescopes for those attending.

Girl looking at lunar eclipse through a telescope. My astronomy work.
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The event is free, though park officials tell those planning to attend to please bring warm clothing and blankets. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks. Those interested are encouraged to get to the Deerfield Pavilion at 10pm on May 15. The Lunar Eclipse Party will run until 2am May 16 (Sunday into Monday).

More info can be found on Grafton Lakes State Park's Facebook page.

This will also begin Grafton's monthly Star Parties, which will take place on the following Friday nights through October:

  • June 24
  • July 26
  • August 26
  • September 23
  • October 21

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