In 2018, it seemed like we had a ton of super moons. Well this next event will not only be a super moon, but it will also bring a total lunar eclipse this month. It doesn't come around often and this next total lunar eclipse will be the only one in 2019. According to WIVB, the full moon will be closest to the Earth's orbit and visible in North America on the night of January 20th into early January 21st. This is where the sun, earth and moon will all align creating a total lunar eclipse.

It will be considered a super moon because it is so close to earth that it appears bigger and brighter. But it is also is considered a blood moon because of the reflection of light onto the moon's surface from the earth appearing red in color. Because this will be the first full moon of January it is also called the woof moon.

So NASA is referring to this as the Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse. Sounds pretty cool. I hope the weather let's us experience it.

By the way, the next total lunar eclipse won't occur until May of 2021.

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