We all love the summer in the Capital Region and we try to enjoy every minute in the sun because the season is so short. Whether you and your family are enjoying Lake George, Saratoga, the various parks and playgrounds or just a backyard pool this summer, make sure you're kids are protected. We learned the hard way.Last summer we thought we were being diligent by applying sunscreen to Ryan repeatedly throughout a summer day. We were using Coppertone Water Babies Foaming Lotion SPF 70+ and we reapplied every four hours or so. Ryan loves to swim so we constantly are aware of the importance of reapplying the sunscreen. Well we might as well have not put any on him at all. He was burned so badly that he had to stay out of the sun for a week.

Chrissy cavotta
Chrissy cavotta

There is now a list of the 14 worst sunscreens for your babies and kids. In a study done by the Environmental Working Group's 2017 Guide To Sunscreens, they listed the worst scores according to their testing. Yes, you guessed it, the one we used on Ryan was on the list.

I wish we had this list last summer, it would have saved us and Ryan a lot of pain and wasted summer days.

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