Not a badge of honor for a county to have, sadly it is a badge one wears in the Capital Region.

I wasn't all too shocked to hear that Schenectady County has this dreadful distinction but still hate hearing it being that Schenectady is a big part of the Capital Region. Schenectady County has the highest crime rate per capita in the entire state of New York. Now of course the county as a whole is brought down by the city of Schenectady as much more of the county is rural.

So the average crime rate per capita is 1,908 crimes per 100,000 people and sadly Schenectady County is coming in that ratio with 3,038. Not good. I however have a feeling the rest of the state may be vastly improving though being in 2012 the county had 1,000 more offenses per 100,000 people. So in reality the county actually is improving. More stats as to why the county is the worst in the state for crime rate at the link below from the Times Union.

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