A recent report reveals that this Capital Region county is one of the healthiest in all of New York state. After reading about the factors that make it one of the healthiest, it is quite obvious why, well to me. A survey was done to determine, out of the sixty two counties in New York state, which were the healthiest. The Capital Region, on a whole, fared okay, but Saratoga County came in at number two on the list. There were many factors that determined the ranking. They included smoking habits, obesity, poverty rates, access to food and education and overall quality of life.

I grew up in Saratoga County and most of my family still resides there. More specifically, Mechanicville, where I was born and raised, is in Saratoga County. We often joke that something is in the water because many of the residents live into their 90s and some even 100+. My grandmother Cavotta lived until 101. My Nana on my mom's side is going strong at 102. Both lived their entire lives in Mechanicville.

The survey concluded that those who live in Saratoga County on average live longer better lives. I couldn't agree more.

It wasn't all good news for Capital Region counties, Schenectady County finished near the bottom of the survey at 55.

Here are the rankings of other Capital Region counties and #1 on the list.

  • Rockland - 1st
  • Warren - 10th
  • Columbia - 20th
  • Albany - 26th
  • Washington - 27th
  • Rensselaer - 37th
  • Fulton - 50th

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