I know we are in the middle of the winter, but there is good news for a Capital Region city and their pools for the summer. There is funding available but they may run into a slight problem. The two pools in Troy have been closed for the past two summers because they were unsafe for the residents to use them and in dire need of repairs.. Now six million dollars has been set aside in the Troy budget to repair the Knickerbacker and South Troy pools. However there is a catch.

According to News Channel 13, the city needs to hire a contractor that can do the repairs on short notice. They are hoping to get at least one of the pools open by July 1st.

The South Troy pool will be repaired but the Knickerbacker pool in Lansingburgh needs to be replaced. The city is hoping to get the bids out by the end of this month to ensure the repairs can be done in time for one of the pools to open this summer.

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