BOCES programs are very valuable in helping students prepare for real-life jobs in the Capital Region. Now they are partnering with organizations to prepare students for jobs in three key fields. According to the Daily Gazette, there are new programs for Capital Region BOCES students that will focus on getting people ready for jobs in technology, health care, and education. The New York state workforce development grants will give nine million dollars for the programs.

There is a grant that is giving one hundred ninety-seven thousand six hundred and six dollars to partner with the University at Albany that will train teaching assistance to get new certification to be able to start out in teaching.

Another grant will allow for a training program for direct support of professionals who assist people with disabilities. They will work closely with the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation. This grant is worth one hundred fifty-five thousand eight hundred dollars.

One hundred twenty-five thousand four hundred dollars will help collaborate with AlbanyCan Code to support code training across the Capital Region and across the state.

The final grant of one hundred thirty-two thousand six hundred sixty-two dollars will help the Capital District YMCA establish a childcare center at the Capital South Campus Center. There will be training for adults to learn how to work in child care.

BOCES programs are an integral part of high school students learning a trade or vocational skill. These grants provide the funds to help further the student's knowledge in health care, education, and technology.

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