COVID-19 has hit all small businesses extremely hard and now Saratoga Springs has announced a grant program to give them all some help in these difficult times. Here's how to apply. According to News 10 ABC, there is some relief for small businesses in Saratoga Springs that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. They have announced a Small Business Grant program to help those to keep their jobs and continue to be paid. There are twenty-five to fifty-one grants available from five to ten thousand dollars solely to preserve jobs.

Those employees who have low-income and are in jeopardy of losing their income because of the pandemic are eligible. There are certain things needed that will help in the application process. Small businesses must have more than one low-income position that they need help keeping. You must have been deemed a non-essential business, and have laid off employees due to the pandemic. These grants are aimed to help rehire those who have been laid off.

If you are planning to apply for the grants, you must have a business within the Saratoga Springs limits, you must either own the property or have at least six months left on the lease, and you must employ fifty people or less.

The applications are being accepted through January 4th. To read all of the information need to apply and other requirements, click HERE.

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