Every time I drive up the Northway, I see the run down ruins of a park that I loved to go to as a kid. I have so many fond memories of this place and here's hoping there is someone out there that can either bring it back, or make it an amazing place to visit again.I was just looking back on the many attractions that Frontier Town had to offer because I had to refresh my memory. It was totally acceptable to tote fake guns and holsters and to get the bad guys by dunking them in public. Then the classic shoot out where the bad guys were gunned down by the sheriff and the good guys. Regardless, I loved going there as a kid.

Now the state is looking for your help. In an attempt to increase tourism, promote jobs and put an economic boost into the North Country, Empire State Development wants your ideas. The Department of Environmental Conservation has already planned on developing the southern part of the land with campgrounds and an equestrian area so if that can be incorporated in the former Frontier Town area, it would be best.

To submit an application and meet the deadline of July 28th, click here.

What would you like to see be done to the old Frontier Town?

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