Heather Jakeman, you say?  Maybe not quite a household word YET, but I'm out to change that - one 'GNA listener at a time!  Take a listen to her new song - "Can I Get A Volunteer".

Heather Jakeman is a singer-songwriter born in Hawaii.  She grew up in San Jose, California, and is  a graduate of the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC .   You can read more about her on her website.

from ITunes

She has a couple of really well produced songs available right now on iTunes.  I really like the energy and contemporary sound of "Can I Get A Volunteer".  Great, expressive voice in my humble opinion, and the song has a great hook.

But I shouldn't have written that.  BAD RICHIE.  I'm not here to critique talent.

I want to use our website as a testing ground for so many artists out there pounding the pavement, singing in clubs til 2 in the morning, and trying like hell to break through the tangled web of the music industry.

If you like what you hear, leave a comment at the bottom and we'll share the results with Heather and her team.  Be honest, but please keep it on the "up and up".

You can listen to "Can I Get A Volunteer" for free here courtesy of soundcloud.com

I wish her the best of luck.  I can't wait to hear her on the air, because she definitely has the right stuff (DAMN- I DID IT AGAIN….)