I pass this intersection daily as it's literally just a few blocks from where I live in Center Square, Albany.  I feel like I've even seen this man walking this adorable dog, Monk.  But it was CDTA cameras at a bus stop near Lark Street that caught an Albany man yanking the  Wheaton Terrier by its leash, and force-feeding it beer.

News 10 ABC's Anya Tucker has the story leaves one wondering why certain people even own pets? Robert Caserta of Albany was caught by as an astute bus driver for CDTA who observed the man mistreating his dog while at a bus stop and alerted dispatch who contacted police when the incident occurred at the end of September.  The poor dog was being yanked by his chain for no apparent reason, then force-fed beer.  He was later arrested by Albany police.

Based on some behind-the-scenes footage shot by News 10 ABC, it appears that good ol' Monk is doing well. When he’s finished with his veterinary exams, he should be available for adoption. at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. As for Caserta, he was arrested and recently plead guilty to misdemeanor Animal Cruelty.

As part of the deal, he must spend 60 days in jail, submit to mental health counseling, and most importantly he had to relinquish ownership of Monk.

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