The Powerball jackpot is more than a billion dollars. That is so much money that I literally can't.

According to actual real science, here are the 11 places you need to get a ticket in NY state to increase your chances of winning tonight's jackpot.

Statistically, some cities in New York have a greater chance of winning.  Based on population numbers and winning results, some cities are "luckier’" than others. HomeSnacks figured it all out and put out this list of places you should take a day trip to today to grab your tickets!

  1. New Hyde Park - Long Island
  2. Farmingdale - Long Island
  3. Webster - near Rochester
  4. Depew - near Buffalo
  5. Middletown - Hudson Valley
  6. New Windsor - Hudson Valley
  7. Wappingers Falls - near Poughkeepsie
  8. Pelham - Manhattan area
  9. Lindenhurst - Long Island
  10. Westbury - Long Island
  11. Scotia - YAY!!!!!!

So, obviously folks on Long Island have a way better chance of winning than the Capital Region, but at least we have Scotia!

Good luck tonight! I hope you win big!

If you wanna see how other New York cities and towns ranked on the list, CLICK HERE!

Jess Hudson