You could win free beer and thousands of dollars from Busch Light to sponsor your softball team this summer. Plus your own customized jerseys. Here's how to enter. Not only will Busch Light beer sponsor your rec softball team, they want to give you a signing bonus and if you win your league, $10K! According to, you could be one of the ten winning teams that cash in with the Busch league contest.

It's easy to enter. You must be part of an organized league and all of your team members must be 21 and over. All you have to do is make a pitch explaining why your team should be sponsored for the summer. They want you to include your clever team name too. You can enter through any social media platform. Get the full rules and details of what you have to do HERE.

The top ten winning teams will all get custom jerseys and hats. A $5000 signing bonus to split with your team and if you win your league, $10,000! You will also get a local ad campaign and Busch Light for the season.

Every entry will be judged by a panel and the top ten with the most votes will win. To see complete rules and how to enter, click HERE.

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