Check out the segment here as heard with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 107.7 GNA.

With Father's Day coming up, Chrissy and I wanted to incorporate my father, Harry aka Papa Codes into the GNA Morning Show as a little show of love and support for the big guy.  And oh yeah, he's just naturally funny too without even trying.  Last weekend I went over to the house with a sheet full of "dadisms" to do a simple game of fill in the blank.  For example, if I said to you, "turn off those lights. Do you think I am made of (blank)" it may take you a second, but you'd eventually figure out that the (blank) was "money."   Pretty simple, right?  Not so fast my friends.  My dad's answer to this question and at least half a dozen others were inexplicably hilarious. There's something inherently funny about my dad and the way his brain operates under pressure that make you feel like you're listening to a Seinfeld character.

Dadism's, in theory, should just roll off the tongue but the magic in this bit is that they don't.  Not for my Pops, anyways.  Something as simple as "I'm not sleeping, I'm just (blanking) my eyes" was a real challenge for Papa Codes.  Not only did he not guess "resting" he blurted out "winking" like he owned that freakin' answer.

We love the big guy, and listeners do too. Surely you'll be hearing more of him in this capacity in the future.  Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the dads out there.  Enjoy your weekend.

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