The remixes just keep coming! Brad Paisley is the latest hitmaker to blend one of his popular singles, this time with the help of Colt Ford.

On his newest album, 'Thanks for Listening,' Ford enlists several country artists to make cameos, including Keith Urban and Justin Moore. Now, he's the one making a guest appearance. Ford appears on a remix of Paisley's 'River Bank,' dubbed the 'River Bank Rip Rap,' which includes a new freestyle by the country rapper in the bridge.

The idea came after the Paisley and Ford decided to meet and work together for the very first time.

"Brad and I had never met before, but I love the way he writes, the double entendre stuff he writes. He just gave me a call and said he wanted to get together," Ford explains to Rolling Stone Country.

The two ended up writing late into the night together and came up with two songs -- one for each artist. That's when Paisley ran the idea of his remix by Ford, who was beyond interested.

"He sent it over to me, I did my thing and he dug it. A lot of guys are doing remixes and they go way outside the genre [to recruit guest artists], which is cool, but I think it's cool that Brad asked me, to keep it a for-sure country thing," he reveals.

Ford thinks they could ultimately work together again, even if the song doesn't appear on Paisley's upcoming album. "I'm looking for us to do more together. It's a good vibe there," the singer says. "The stuff we've been writing has been a lot of fun. He's somebody I'd love to go on the road with and play with. He likes to have fun. He hates golf, but that's ok … cause he does like fishing."

Paisley says having Ford contribute to the song was nothing short of natural.

“I wrote with Colt a little bit for this album and when we were getting to know each other, I said, '‘River Bank’ feels like something you should have done. You should do a version of this,'" Paisley reveals, "and he said, ‘Man, I’d love to’ and so I sent him the track and that’s what he came up with. It really does work. Don’t you think it sounds like he was on there all along?"

Paisley joked via Twitter that Ford should even appear in the music video -- in a wet T-shirt! Surprisingly, the big guy wouldn't say not to the idea. "I told him I look fabulous in a bathing suit," Ford says, adding, "I'm ready, just let me know."

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