This could start a revolution. According to Bloomberg, there’s a good chance we’ll face a coffee shortage in the not so distant future.

By no means am I a coffee snob, but I do drink a ton, and I mean a ton of it every day. For the most part, as long as it doesn't taste like sludge- I'll drink it. Although, it is a nice treat when I get fresh gourmet coffee, like the bag of house blend my brother surprised me with from Uncommon Grounds in Albany. He definitely scored awesome little brother points with that just-because gift!

So why is our precious coffee threatened? Well, more and more people are in on my secret. Coffee is amazing. And because more people than ever before are drinking coffee, much more will need to be produced in order to keep up with demand. Then there's climate change, with rising temperatures affecting crops. And last but not least there's cost. Apparently, prices are currently very low for coffee, making it harder to convince farmers to grow it.

The coffee situation is so bad that industry insiders are meeting at the Global Coffee Forum in Milan to come up with a plan. "Sooner or later, in months or years, we'll have to make a bold decision about what to do," said Andrea Illy, the head of Illycaffe Spa. “We don’t know where this coffee will come from.”

I can't even. Nope.

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