We've been following the journey of Blessings Tavern since the tragedy in 2016. Now, they're moving forward, rebuilding, and announced when we can expect them to open.

Blessings Tavern has been surrounded in tragedy but now it's all about celebration because they're finally reopening! About a month ago, we mentioned that their opening will be sooner rather than later. If you've passed the area where Blessings Tavern has rebuilt, you'll see that they've created a beautiful new space.

The owners have promised that they will be open soon, in the next month or so, but don't expect a huge announcement. They reported to the Times Union why they're not explicitly saying when they're opening.

Mostly, she fears that if she announces an opening date, the tavern will be mobbed, overwhelming its staff before they’ve had time to get settled. She doesn’t want someone who has waited for the new Blessing’s to be disappointed by a less-than-stellar experience.

They also are aware of what a large celebration could mean for those still grieving over the tragedy.

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