A location that's been surrounded by such tragedy as place where the accident occured that ended the life of Niko Dinovo, Blessings Tavern is rising from the rubble, rebuilding, and planning to open soon.

The restaurant itself has not to blame for the horrible tragedy that ended up taking Niko Dinovo's life, but it was in the crosshairs. A drunk driver going over 80mph drove erratically until he crashed into Blessings Tavern, a small neighborhood bar on Watervliet Shaker Rd.

About a year ago, in October, we started to see fencing put up and signs of something coming to space that was once Blessing Tavern. Because of the damage done to the building, they ended up leveling the space that had been in that area since the 1950s.

If you drive past that area at all, you'd see that there was a building erected but no sign. Is it Blessings coming back? Is it a new business that purchased the space? Finally, earlier this week, Blessings Tavern posted to their Facebook page that they added a sign and will soon open Blessings Tavern II.

No word yet on if there's anything for Dinovo going in the space as a memory or if the Niko Dinovo Foundation will have any part in the opening. What we do know is that it will be opening sooner rather than later and hopefully will bring some joy to a neighborhood that has been left in such sadness.

Our thoughts and prayers will forever be with the Dinovo family who may never recover from the loss of a member of their family at such a young age.

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