Bills Mafia Superfan might be the Godfather of Gameday

You don't need to be a Buffalo Bills fan to respect the incredible man cave built by a Bills Mafia superfan, surely one of the coolest gameday setups anyone has ever seen.
On Sundays, you can find most football fans parked in front of our big TV on our comfy couch watching our favorite teams play on Sunday, or even better, the "Octobox" on NFL Redzone.

Jeff Ranney from Western New York

And while some may brag or boast about their setup, a man named Jeff Ranney from Kenmore, NY (about 4 hours west of Albany) showed his off on social media, much to the delight (and possibly envy) of the tens of thousands who checked it out.

Viral IG Video

In a viral Instagram post last week, Ranney showed off some minor improvements he made to his Bills Basement Bar, which has everything a Bills fanatic could want.
LED lights, full bar, furniture, posters, memorabilia, couches, and more nearly every single square inside the bar is either decorated red, white, and blue or features some sort of Bills-centric decoration.
In his latest viral video, Hanney explained how he upgraded from using "Alexa" to trigger his post-touchdown celebrations.  Now, Hanney just has to hit a button to trigger the dancing LED lights on the bar and ceiling, while activating the obligatory song "Shout!"
I can't even venture a guess as to how much something of this magnitude costs, but I'm guessing it's still cheaper than season tickets.

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