A local chapter of very passionate Buffalo Bills football fans known as the "Albany Bills Backers" is trying to get WRGB Channel 6 to swap out the football game it's scheduled to be showing at 4:25 on Sunday.  They are urging fans to call up the news station and "politely" ask them to show the Bills on television this week, instead of the New England Patriots.

It must be frustrating for Capital Region Bills fans to have to wonder if their football team is going to be on TV week in and week out.  Especially considering how terrible the Jets and Giants are this year, and how good the Bills are.  My brother-in-law and nephew are both Bills fans, and I'm pretty sure they check the guide each week to see if the game is going to be on here locally.  How annoying is that?  Heck, I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan and I feel fortunate to be able to see my team on TV almost every week, but I feel kind of guilty.  Bills fans are left with few options when their team isn't on because the Jets are playing the Jaguars in the Toilet Bowl; buy the NFL Direct ticket, watch the RedZone Channel to get timely updates, or go to a sports bar in the area that is showing the game. Once again, Bills fans are left out on Sunday as it appears that WRGB Channel 6 is going to be showing the Patriots versus the Chiefs in the 4:25PM game instead of the undefeated Bills versus the Raiders.

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