I would love the opportunity to travel the country but would have trouble coming up with an itinerary. Luckily, one man found the best travel guide possible in one of the greatest, Johnny Cash.

The United States of America is a huge country with so many things to experience and Wayne "Boz" Bostwick has seen quite a few of them. WJFW reports that Bostwick has been to every single state in the United States, plus Canada, but he's looking for a new trip to take and new stories to tell.

Last time he did the cross-country trip, he was just looking to take pictures of state signs and this time, he's decided to take his time and take the advice of Johnny Cash. Starting next year, Boz will begin a journey around the country based on the Johnny Cash classic "I've Been Everywhere, Man." If you're familiar with the lyrics of the song, that will bring Boz to 92 places across the country.

After he's done this, he said, "I'll have to find another song, I guess."

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