It's not the first time Bigfoot has been rumored to be lingering around Whitehall but now you may see him even more frequently.

If you're driving along Route 4, don't be alarmed if you come across a 1000-pound Bigfoot on the side of the road. On the Vermont side of Whitehall on Saturday, they unveiled the new statue of Bigfoot looming over the town.

The 11-foot, 8-inch steel sculpture, reported by the Post Star, is to symbolize the long-running rumor that Bigfoot lives in those mountains. The sculpture was commissioned by Paul Thompson of Vermont Marble, Granite, Slate & Soapstone Co. outside of his business after he moved to the area and became semi-obsessed with the lore of the creature. The sculptor was Steven Mestyan Sr., owner of Skelabar Studios who also created the Bigfoot at Skene Valley Country Club.

Thompson has since set up a section of his store for Bigfoot memorabilia for those who come to see the statue. Now, you'll be able to see Bigfoot in Whitehall whenever you go and you don't even have to venture to the woods.

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