Jane in Canajoharie writes:
My boyfriend and I are both in our mid-twenties and have been dating for about a year.  I'm catching him in little lies and here and there and I think he's got a problem, and now it's becoming our problem.  Last weekend was the second time in a month he told me that he didn't want to hang out because he was either too tired or didn't feel well and both times I told him "no problem."  Come to find out, he went out drinking with the boys and I only found out because a mutual friend of ours told me. When I called him out on it he said it was a "spur of the moment kind of thing" and he had every intention of staying in.  I don't know- something isn't adding up.  Please help
Jane's boyfriend argues that he's not blowing her off to go drinking with the fellas, but she says otherwise.

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