There is another phone scam that is hitting the Capital Region. This time it's targeting the Albany area. The scammers are impersonating the police. The Albany Police department is putting out a warning about a phone scam where the scammer is claiming to be the Albany Police and that the person is being told that there is a warrant for an unpaid debt. There were several victims on Monday, March 19th, that stated the caller told them if the payment was not made, they would be arrested.

You are reminded that the Albany Police would never ask for financial or credit card information over the phone. They say, too, that you should never give any personal information over the phone especially to anyone claiming to be law enforcement.

There are certain safety tips that the Albany Police want you to familiarize yourself with. Be aware of high pressure techniques when the caller wants you to give up information on the spot. Also you are urged to hang up immediately.

If you do receive a scam call, be sure to inform the Albany Police at 518-438-4000.

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