During a segment we do every Friday on the show called 'Friday Facts' we throw out random topics that we explain are undeniable truths, that simply cannot be refuted. On Friday morning, the topic of Holiday meals came up.  To me, this was a no-brainer.  Thanksgiving is a far better eating day than Christmas will ever be.  Much to my surprise, I got roasted over an open fire by Chrissy and Jess.  Am I wrong?

Listen to the debate and you tell me.  Is Christmas a better 'eating holiday' than Thanksgiving?

Now that the dust has settled and you scarfed down the turkey with all that yummy gravy, the flaky biscuits, the crispy golden brown stuffing, and enough pie to feed a small army you tell me. What about the Christmas meal (besides our love for Christmas) is worth looking forward to? Heck, you can make an argument that Thanksgiving leftovers are better than the Xmas meal!

Christmas may have the sentimental edge, but in my opinion, not the scrumptious one.



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