This morning I told Sean about my new favorite super yummy salad... and he promptly gagged while I was describing the ingredients!

But I know my salad, and this is a super yummy salad!

I'm about to give you the recipe, but I'm not really into following directions, so there are lots of variations and no measurements at all!  Does it still qualify as a recipe?

Anyway, here you go -

1. Lettuce  - any kind you want! I usually use spinach or spring mix, but what ever you have is good, just make sure it's clean!  No one wants eColi!

2. Diced Apple - or pear works too!  Or, maybe even strawberries!

3. Blue Cheese Crumbles - or Goat cheese if you like it creamier

4. Chopped Walnuts

5. Dried Cranberries - or other dried fruit

6. Raspberry vinaigrette - or any old kind of vinaigrette - or even oil and vinegar!

7. Salt and Pepper - you can't forget this step!  You'd be surprised how much it brings all the other flavors out!

Listen, the amounts don't matter!  A big salad = a lot of ingredients, a small salad = less ingredients.  Use your head people.

If you want to make any salad more enjoyable, chop it up in a bowl before you serve it!  Then you and your guest won't be competing with huge pieces of drippy lettuce and giant apple wedges!

Slap some grilled chicken or steak on top of that salad and you have a complete meal!


The Washington Post/Getty Images