Eating Healthy? There's a Packaged Salad Recall
If you have been eating healthy and buying those bagged salads that are pre-cut and washed for you, you are going to want to check your fridge. There is a recall of a major brand that is causing an intestinal infection. Here are the details.
Miranda’s Wild Week Continues (Audio)
Miranda Lambert certainly keeps it interesting, doesn't she? Last week she got into an altercation in a restaurant that resulted in her dumping a salad over someone's head, and this weekend she announced that she got married.  Then we learned that the man she married, 27-year-old NYC Police Officer …
Bethany’s Favorite Yummy Salad
This morning I told Sean about my new favorite super yummy salad... and he promptly gagged while I was describing the ingredients!
But I know my salad, and this is a super yummy salad!
I'm about to give you the recipe, but I'm not really into following directions, so there are lots of variat…