Regardless if you are planning a big party or a small party, what is a party without a cake, right? Being a huge dessert guru, myself, a party is not a party without some good cake!  Memorial Day is only a few weeks away, but so are graduation parties, summer barbeques, weddings, and of course all those birthday parties.  It use to be that you went to your local supermarket and picked a cake out of the case and had them personalize it for you.  Now, cake ordering is at a whole another level.  We are fortunate here in the Capital Region to have numerous fine bakeries to choose from.  Depending on how elaborate you want to get, certain places might suit your needs better or worse.

Coccadotts is one of our local cake shops, at 1179 Central Avenue, Colonie -- located right next to Dott's Garage.  They specialize in numerous dessert options from chocolate covered strawberries to cupcakes to three tiered wedding cakes.  The creativity that goes into these cakes is amazing and you can have them create a cake that really depicts the theme of the party or shows something about the person the cake is in honor of.  Not only can you choose one of 13 cake flavors, but you also pick one of eight frostings and whether you want a mousse or fruit filling as well.  Can we say "yum!"

Another local cake place is Make Me a Cake Next Door on Delaware Avenue, in Delmar.  This is another locally owned business here in the Capital Region that only emerged   years ago.  Not only do they offer specialty cakes, but they also offer cupcakes -- normal size and mini size.  The mini size are perfect for taste testing and you can always walk-in and get a few cupcakes to go, all ready prepared.  Make Me a Cake Next Door offers ten different types of cupcakes, all delicious because of their unique and precise design.

Mallozzi's Villa Italia, in Schenectady, is a long-time, upstanding Italian bakery here in the Capital Region.  While the Mallozzi family has been in business much longer than the two forementioned bakeries, their reputation and name has always been held in high regards.  Villa Italia is located at 226 Broadway and certainly worth the drive if you aren't anywhere in the vicinity of Schenectady.  Their array of italian pastries and cookies are to die for -- I recommend the eclairs and fruit tarts.  They are my fav!  Villa Italia also has gelado, breakfast and lunch sandwiches (yum!) and cakes!


What is your favorite type of cake?

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