New artist Craig Campbell performed Saturday night at our Winter Concert and I have to say I was very impressed with him.  Though he only played a 25-minute set to kick things off, he was nice to listen to, very personable and entertaining.

Of course he sang his single we are playing here on WGNA, "Family Man"  among many songs he claimed, "none of you will know."  He played a bunch of songs off his album that is set to debut April 5th.  Many of them were very good, despite never hearing them before.  Yes, it's nice to be able to sing along and recognize songs at a concert, but it was also nice to hear what to expect from this newcomer to the country music scene.

The one song he played Saturday night that I can't stop telling people about  is entitled, "I Bought It."  Craig said he wrote it himself.  If you were at the concert, you will probably remember how cute and catchy it was, not to mention funny.  But in case you couldn't make it out Saturday night, here is the audio of the song.

Be sure to comment & let me know if you enjoyed it.  You might want to keep your eye on this guy -- he could be the next big thing.

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