Bennington, Vermont. Here is your little ditty.  I wish I had more information. I know there has to be much more about your town but my rule is- I go with what you give me.
We know what an artsy community Bennington Vermont is. Been there, seen that! Would love to see it all again!
 I also know that some great places to eat, and the colleges are prestigious as well. With that as a starting point, I probably present the Bennington song.  Special thanks to the handful of folks who wrote in for this one ( hey, it's quality, not quantity!)
©2014 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

If you visit this town I know you'll agree,
It's an amazing arts community

An elementary school known as Molly Stark,
And in the summertime check out Deer Park
Bennington, Bennington,
Something here for everyone
Tommy at Raz will get your tattoo done
Here in downtown Bennington
You're going to feel out of the loop,
Unless you try the Belly Deli tomato soup
And if you pass the Blue Benn you made a mistake
Cuz you've missed the best wheat and Apple pancakes
Bennington, Bennington,
There's a monument known to everyone
If you go to their colleges, you can't be dumb,
Top shelf education in Bennington
It's one of two county seats,
And you'll be surprised that the people you meet
It's a picturesque place, now my song is done,
Make some time to go to Bennington
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