Good work by the Bennington Police Department and K9 Gracie resulted in making sure that tens of thousands of bags of heroin and large quantities of crack cocaine did not make it to the streets.

Police in Bennington, Vermont responded to a call for "suspicious activity" on Monday evening and it turned into a massive drug bust.  Officials say police were able to confiscate the enormous quantity of heroin and crack cocaine as well as cash and a firearm with ammunition.   All in all, the estimated street value of the crack and heroin was in the neighborhood of close to $300,000.

According to News 10 ABC and a press release from the Bennington Police Department, the big bust took place on Monday evening at 222 Main Street in Bennington.

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The report states that when police arrived, they ordered five people inside the building to leave the premises so they could begin the search.  Once Bennington Police started looking around, they realized what they came upon was a treasure trove of illegal drugs ready to be pumped back into the streets plus the drug-dealing paraphernalia that goes along with it.

According to the police report, they were able to seize: 27,735 bags of suspected Heroin, 1,470 grams of suspected Cocaine/Crack-Cocaine, Prescription medication, LSD, Drug packaging material, Drug paraphernalia, A Smith and Wesson .40 Caliber handgun with ammunition, A ledger and $8,166 in US Currency.  According to the police report, the estimated street value of the crack cocaine and heroin is in the neighborhood of $300,000.

Arrested were Frederick Grant age 44, Laci Mayer age 33, and Heather Farley age 39.  All three are from Bennington, Vermont.   Grant faces felony charges.

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